Holosun 508t

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In the Box

  •  T10 L Key
  •  User Manual
  •  CR1632 Battery
  •  Lens Cloth

Holosun 508t

Holosun 508t the HE508T-RD X2 is a titanium, open reflex optical sight designed for pistol applications. The X2 Series pistol optics feature two improvements. First is the addition of Lock Mode from our 2018-2019 LE pistol optic models. Lock Mode, when activated, locks the buttons preventing inadvertent setting changes. Second, the buttons have been redesigned to compliment the Lock Mode by placing them lower and out of the way. Additional features include a Titainium housing, Holosun’s Super LED with up to 50k hours battery life, Solar Failsafe, Multi-Reticle System, and Shake Awake.

Is Holosun 508T good?

The Holosun HE508T-X2 is the best multi-reticle red dot sight on the market. In fact: I’ve tested this thing out, and I have to say that the Solar Failsafe and extended battery life make this one of the very few red dot sights I’ll use on my pistol.The Holosun HE508T-X2 is the best multi-reticle red dot sight on the market. In fact: I’ve tested this thing out, and I have to say that the Solar Failsafe and extended battery life make this one of the very few red dot sights I’ll use on my pistol.

Holosun 508

Since Holosun’s inception in 2013, our main goal has always been to bring cutting edge technology to the end user. We continuously strive to improve and innovate our products by producing technology that makes sense and works! Below you will find more information on the technology that has made Holosun stand out from the crowd…

The HE508T-RD X2 is housed in rugged titanium and built with some of the best technology Holosun has to offer. With multiple reticle options and brightness settings, these Red Dot Sights put customization right into your hands, and there are 2 settings for night vision-compatibility. This Holosun pistol sight has parallax-free views and unlimited eye relief for extra comfort during extended shooting sessions. Plus, the multi-coated lenses produce a clear, bright sight picture in nearly any environment.image

This Holosun HE508T X2 provides up to 50,000 of battery life thanks to Shake Awake technology that only activates the red circle/dot reticle when needed, and the Solar Failsafe provides a reliable aiming point in case your battery runs out in the field. Designed to perform and built to last, this red dot handgun sight is perfect for tactical operators, home-defense preppers, and anyone who wants to improve their timing and precision with their pistol. Grab yours today to experience a true upgrade in optics.

Holosun 508t v2

Holosun’s Solar Failsafe Technology is an innovative feature pioneered by Holosun in red dot sights.

Solar Failsafe allows the red dot sight to remain powered when your battery fails. Holosun optics with Solar Failsafe feature automatic brightness adjustment; when you’re under the sun you have a bright reticle, when you move indoors it will automatically dim down to match ambient lighting conditions.

Holosun pistol red dot

The amount of time it takes for the LED to deactivate (enter Sleep Mode) is user programmable. Shake Awake can also be completely deactivated which keeps the optic powered on for up to 100k hours (certain models).


  • Reticle2 MOA Dot & 32 MOA Circle
  • Light Wavelength650nm
  • Reticle ColorRed
  • Parallax FreeYes
  • Unlimited Eye ReliefYes
  • Magnification1x
  • Multi-CoatingsYe


  • Power SourceSolar & Battery
  • Battery TypeCR1632
  • Battery Life (Hours)50000
  • Brightness Setting10 DL&2 NV


  • Window Size0.63×0.91
  • Dimension (in)1.78×1.15×1.15
  • Weight (oz)2


  • Housing MaterialTitanium
  • Surface FinishTitanium
  • Adjustment per Click1 MOA
  • W&E Travel Range±50 MOA


  • Storage Temperature-40℃~70℃
  • Working Temperature-30℃~60℃
  • SubmersionIP67
  • Vibration5000G

11 reviews for Holosun 508t

  1. Jerry

    Product arrived, and had an issue. Minus button turns unit off. I was able to rotate through the reticles one time before this issue happened.
    Electrical issue aside, I like the optic and it seems durable. But quality control is lacking.

    UPDATE: New optic came in, working perfectly. Survived my 50 round rapid fire without any issues, with I have had other optics fail on. CHPWS plate recommended for

  2. Shalom

    Love this sight ,its much more than a red dot. The larger Eotec style redical is easier to find quickly for shooters that are new to this type of optic. I used a C&H Precision plate on my gun, it just looks better than the Glock plate and has more thread engagement .

  3. Linda

    I only pulled it out of the box and turned it on… looks great, still need to mount it.

  4. Teddy

    Well? I’m a believer. After making several jokes at the expense of this optics nomenclature. Seriously 508 ‘T-RD’; would “u” like to buy a vowel? But then I watched Aaron’s review on Sage Dynamics, as well as some other YouTube videos. So I decided what the heck, and I have to say very impressive.

    First thing that hits you is how light it is, then you see the fit and finish. With none of that big white lettering on the side. I mounted the optic on my 509 Tactical, and hit the range. Within a few adjustments I was hitting black. I started with just the dot, then switched to the circle dot. Man, I have to tell you, while I still prefer just the dot, I highly recommend it to anyone just getting into pistol optics. It’s also the reason why I decided to go back to the Trijicon RMR on my 509 and put the Holosun on my Kriss Vector, and order another for my Scorpion

  5. Daniella

    It is great with a lot of features. I would choose it easily instead of the Trijicon RMR Type 2, because of price, extra features, and bigger window. I just wish it has a second glass to protect the laser from getting dirt into it and to be easier to clean (it’s kinda hard to reach to clean the front lens from the inside).

  6. Garry

    The adjustable brightness of the red dot made it very easy to aim the pistol, especially for aging eyes like mine. Hopefully unit price will be lowered in the near future in order to increase its value for money. I have not used the sight long enough to be able to comment on the sight battery life.

  7. Rick

    Fits the RMR footprint, easy to use, the solar backup works great, and the red dot dims and brightens by surrounding light. I bought 4, run them on several pistols, and an AR platform with no issues to date. Move over Trijicon, there’s a new sherif in town.

  8. Kelly

    The quality is very fantastic. It’s light weight, strong, and the craftsmanship is impressive. I’m been very impressed with it and highly recommend it. It’s easy to install too. Performance is stellar.

  9. Zack

    This is an amazing red dot optic. The features, the battery life, the quality cannot be beaten. I bought a Trijicon RMR and I am sending it back to buy a second Holosun 508t. The 508t is light, very durable, and with the ability to switch the reticle between a 32 MOA circle with 2 MOA dot, a 2 MOA dot only, or a 32 MOA ring only you can see what you like best. I especially like the 32 moa circle where I am new to shooting red dots. It helps me acquire the reticle faster, and then as I become more experience I will be able to use just the 2moa dot. It has a titanium frame the is incredibly durable. The battery life is the best on the market, up to 100,000 hours.

  10. Thomas

    Looks great works amazing improve my accuracy quite a bit and I’m no lousy shot. As with all optics, this thing must be cited. It also needs to be centered as close to exact as possible. If you do not have the tools, find cheap ones will not achieve desired results. Have an expert install this

  11. Groege

    Love the 3 dot ,fits well on glock 17 gen4, i recieved alot of compliments. You get what you pay for, dont go cheap on reddot. This is top tier.

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